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Cosmic Shimmer Glow in the Dark Texture Paste cspasteglow


Cosmic Shimmer Glow in the Dark Texture Paste is a fantastic crafting product that adds a mesmerizing glow-in-the-dark effect to your projects. This clear-drying spreadable medium is perfect for use with stencils, stamps, and more, allowing you to create stunning and eye-catching designs with a wow-factor. You can enhance the Glow in the Dark Texture Paste by adding powder colorants, Mica Powders, or fine glitters, giving you the option to customize and add vibrant colors to your glowing creations. With its versatility, this texture paste is excellent for adding texture and dimension to all your crafting projects. The bottle contains approximately 50ml of paste, providing you with plenty of material to bring your creative ideas to life. When applied, the texture paste goes on clear, but the real magic happens when the lights go off. Watch as the green glow comes alive, creating a magical and enchanting effect that's perfect for Halloween-themed projects or any other occasion where a glow-in-the-dark touch is desired.

Please Note that most of the Cosmic Shimmer product is water-based and therefore could be affected by colder temperatures. This includes time in transit. Take this into consideration when placing your order in colder months.

UPC: 5055260927784