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Cosmic Shimmer Sparkle Glaze Mint Whisper cssgmint


Cosmic Shimmer Sparkle Glaze is a water-based dimensional translucent Sparkle Glaze designed by Jamie Rodgers, is perfect for creating stunning effects on projects. The light pigment adds a hint of color, and the embedded glitter delivers a sparkly finish. This glaze holds its shape when dried, yet remains flexible, making it easy for die-cutting. Its unique gel formulation ensures foolproof application, suitable for use on porous or non-porous surfaces with a spatula, brush, or sponge. You can apply it by smoothing it in one direction through stencils or directly onto cardstock, paper, rice paper, MDF, or other substrates. Each jar contains approximately 50ml of this enchanting glaze. Mint Whisper provides a light aqua shade.

UPC: 5055260928033