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Crafter's Companion Boho Bliss Stencil s-boh-sten-bobl*

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  • Crafter's Companion
  • $6.99

    The Crafter's Companion Boho Bliss Stencil is a versatile crafting tool that allows you to create beautiful and intricate designs on a variety of surfaces. Measuring 7 x 7 inches (17.8cm x 17.8cm), this stencil is perfect for a range of projects, from scrapbooking to home decor.

    The Boho Bliss stencil features a stunning geometric pattern that will add a touch of bohemian flair to your projects. Made from durable and flexible material, this stencil can be used with a range of mediums, including paints, inks, and texture pastes.

    Whether you're a seasoned crafter or just starting out, the Crafter's Companion Boho Bliss Stencil is a must-have tool that will help you achieve professional-looking results every time. So why wait? Add this stencil to your crafting kit today and start exploring all the creative possibilities!

    UPC: 195094089083