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Echo Park Let's Go Travel 12 x 12 Solids Kit lgt310015


Introducing the Echo Park Let's Go Travel 12 x 12 Solids Kit, the perfect complement to your travel-themed crafting projects! This paper kit is a must-have for anyone who loves to document their adventures and create unique, personalized travel scrapbooks.

This  pack includes six double sided sheets of solid-colored paper.  The colors include navy, green, red, gold, dark green, and blue. This kit is perfect for adding a pop of color and texture to your travel-themed projects. The 12 x 12 inch size is ideal for creating large scrapbook pages, DIY home decor, and other crafting projects.

The Echo Park Let's Go Travel Solids Kit is made from high-quality paper that is sturdy, yet easy to cut and manipulate, making it perfect for a variety of crafting techniques. The double-sided design offers even more versatility, allowing you to mix and match colors and textures to create unique and personalized designs.

UPC: 793888162297