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Gemini II Die Cutting And Embossing Machine gemii-m-usa


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The Gemini II Die Cutting and Embossing Machine is a revolutionary crafting tool that allows users to effortlessly cut, emboss, and create intricate designs with a simple touch of a button. This advanced electronic machine, developed by Crafter's Companion, builds upon the success of the original Gemini with enhanced features and innovative upgrades, ensuring a smarter, quieter, and faster crafting experience.

With its unparalleled cutting power, the Gemini II can handle a wide range of materials, including cardstock, paper, and even up to eight layers of fabric. It boasts a cutting speed that is 21% faster than its predecessor, allowing users to complete their projects in no time. The machine's 9 inch optical sensor automatically recognizes the size of the cutting plate and starts the motor, ensuring precise and efficient cuts every time.

Designed for convenience and organization, the Gemini II features built-in storage compartments and a shelf where craft tools can be neatly kept within reach. The foldaway media stand provides a convenient spot to place a tablet or other devices, allowing users to easily follow along with crafting tutorials or find inspiration on the go. Additionally, three USB ports are included for convenient connectivity.

Not only does the Gemini II deliver exceptional performance, but it also offers a quieter experience. With an average noise level of 58 decibels during each pass, it is 10% quieter than its predecessor, creating a more enjoyable and peaceful crafting environment. The machine's glide-function feet make it easy to move and reposition as needed.

The package includes two white cutting plates, metal and plastic shims, a rubber embossing mat, and a comprehensive user guide to help users maximize the machine's capabilities. The Gemini II Die Cutting and Embossing Machine has dimensions of 370 x 195 x 160mm and weighs 7.5kg.

Unleash your creativity with the Gemini II and explore endless crafting possibilities with speed, precision, and ease.

UPC: 195094087355