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Heffy Doodle Build A Cabin Die hfd0304

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  • Heffy Doodle
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    Whether it is a beach hut or a dog house, this Build A Cabin die will give you lots of versatility. With a base die which includes a lightly embossed wooden design, and a door frame and roof piece to add on top. The cabin has an internal cut line, giving you the option of an 'open the door' style interactive project. Choose from the various add on pieces to adapt your cabin for every occasion. Add a heart or a bone design to build a dog house, or add an anchor with the two circular dies to build your own life preserver for a beach themed hut. We have also included a small circle door knob, and an optional door step, which could also be doubled up as a pole for your life preserver.

    Finished Cabin measures 2.6 inches tall x 2 inches wide.

    UPC: 5060540222992