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Heffy Doodle Furry Friend Sentiment Clear Stamps hfd0541


This set is a perfect choice for crafters who appreciate pet-themed images, with 18 cat and dog-themed sentiments. This set is suitable for a variety of cards, such as greeting cards, thank you cards, happy new home cards, friend cards, birthday cards, and celebration cards.

Sentiments included are:

  • You Deserve A Round Of A-paws
  • I Really Dig You
  • Thank You Fur Everything
  • Happy Mew Home
  • Meow You Doin'?
  • Thank Mew For All You Do
  • Sorry For The Loss Of Your Furry Friend
  • You Are Doggone Awesome
  • Hey, Howl You Doing?
  • S
  • Let's Pawty
  • Friends Fur-ever
  • Also includes stamps so you can create a sentiment saying 'Tell Your Cat(s) or Dog(s) I Said Hi!'
UPC: 5060540227195