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Hero Art Art Deco Dancing Light Stencil SA252


Introducing the Hero Arts Art Deco Dancing Light Stencil, a canvas for your artistic expression. This fun stencil will give you amazing retro vibes with the detailed flourished shapes and patterns. This stencil, measuring 6 x 6 inches, boasts Hero Arts' signature precision as it's laser-cut from thick frosted mylar. This premium material ensures durability and detail in every stroke.

Unleash your creativity by using a paintbrush, ink pad, dauber, or spray to seamlessly transfer the intricate design onto your chosen medium. The stencil serves as a versatile tool that transcends mediums, empowering you to craft your vision with finesse. Elevate your creations with this Hero Arts stencil, a testament to their commitment to quality and innovation.

UPC: 085700942904