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Hero Arts Color Layering Folk Winter Animals Stencils sa257


The Hero Arts Color Layering Folk Winter Animals Stencils set consists of three stencils, each measuring 5.25 x 6.5 inches. These stencils are designed to help you create full-card backgrounds featuring folk art-inspired animals, flowers, and greenery. You can combine these stencils with the SB383 Folk Winter Animals Bundle to add stamped details and die-cut select images.

With these stencils, you can easily create rich and layered designs using a variety of colors, allowing for endless color combinations. The Color Layering stencil sets are perfect for adding depth and dimension to your projects. They come with alignment markers to make them easy to use.

Hero Arts stencils are crafted from thick frosted mylar with premium laser-cut images. You can use various tools such as a paintbrush, ink pad, dauber, or spray to apply your chosen medium through the stencil, leaving a stylish impression. These stencils are made in the USA and are ideal for enhancing your crafting projects with intricate and beautifully detailed designs.

UPC: 085700943338