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Hero Arts Color Layering Pop out Ornament Stencil sa253


Elevate your crafting with the innovative Hero Arts Color Layering Pop out Ornament Stencil. This unique stencil set features a 6 x 6 inch Hero Arts laser-cut stencil designed with six pop-out ornaments that can be utilized collectively or individually. Unlock creativity by first employing the main stencil to establish a base color, followed by layering colors using the smaller pop-outs. This ingenious approach results in six distinct two-color ornaments, each with its own charm.

Hero Arts' stencils are meticulously crafted from thick frosted mylar, ensuring durability and precision. Express your artistry using a paintbrush, ink pad, dauber, or spray to transfer the design onto your preferred medium. This versatile tool transcends boundaries and mediums to empower your creative exploration. Proudly made in the USA, this stencil embodies Hero Arts' dedication to quality and innovation, inviting you to bring your artistic visions to life in stunning detail.

UPC: 085700942959