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  • Honey Bee
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    Detail Blender Brushes

    Set of 3 small oval head brushes for covering small detailed areas. 

    Ergonomic handles, for easy and smooth application of water-based craft ink!

    Easy to clean by hand with gentle soap and water. After washing, leave to air dry or gently brush against a lint-free towel to expel some of the excess water. Do not use solvents, alcohol-based or pigment-based inks with these brushes as they will be very difficult to clean and dry.

    Smallest brush handle length measures approximately 4.625 inches. Brush head measures approximately 0.375 inch in diameter. Bristles measure approximately 0.375 inch deep and 0.3125 inch in diameter.  Largest brush handle length measures approximately 5.75 inches. Brush head length measures approximately 1.375 x 0.8125 inches. Bristles measure approximately 0.625 inches deep and measure approximately 1.25 x 0.625 inch.

    UPC: 652827605847