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Honey Bee Pacific Northwest Pearl Stickers hbgs-prl10

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  • Honey Bee
  • $5.99

    Introducing the Honey Bee Pacific Northwest Pearl Stickers, the exquisite touch of elegance your crafts have been longing for! These enchanting adhesive half-pearls are meticulously designed to be the ideal embellishment for your handmade cards and paper craft projects.

    With their radiant luster and timeless beauty, these pearl stickers effortlessly elevate any creative endeavor. Each pack is a treasure trove of 210 dazzling self-adhesive pearls, carefully curated in three sizes to provide versatility and endless possibilities. The assortment includes 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm pearls, ensuring you have the perfect size for every application.

    Whether you desire a subtle hint of sophistication or a mesmerizing focal point, these pearl stickers are the answer. Their self-adhesive backing makes them effortless to apply, allowing you to easily transform ordinary designs into extraordinary works of art. Add them to your greeting cards, scrapbooks, gift tags, or any other paper-based project, and watch as they instantly enhance the allure and shine of your creations.

    With Honey Bee Pacific Northwest Pearl Stickers, you can infuse your crafts with a touch of radiant beauty. Let your imagination soar as you explore the endless design possibilities offered by these captivating half-pearl stickers. Whether you're a seasoned crafter or just starting out, these pearl stickers are the perfect companion to unlock a world of elegance and charm in your creative endeavors.

    UPC: 689107946024