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Honey Bee SILICONE MAT hbtl-bcsm


Honey Bee designed this Silicone Craft Mat to create the perfect wax seals, but it also works perfectly for ink blending, as a paint palette, and so much more! The options are endless with this food-grade silicone craft mat. Non-stick, waterproof, and heat-resistant up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The flat work area measures approximately 4.75 inches wide x 6 inches tall (12.5 cm X 15.25 cm)
The 8-circle well area measures approximately 3 inches wide x 6 inches tall (7.5 cm x 15.25 cm)
Each well measures 1.25 inches round, and approximately 0.25 inch tall each (3.3 cm x 5 mm)

UPC: 689107948158