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Honey Bee Snowflakes 3D Embossing Folder hbef-011


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Elevate your crafting endeavors with the Honey Bee Snowflakes 3D Embossing Folder!

Unleash the magic of dimensionality in your creative projects with this exceptional embossing folder. What sets it apart is its ingenious 3-dimensional molding process. Unlike conventional folders with a single uniform depth, this one boasts a gently sloping design that creates captivating highs and lows, resulting in a mesmerizing technique that adds depth and intricacy to your creations.

Crafting with the Honey Bee Snowflakes 3D Embossing Folder is a breeze. Just slide it through your die-cutting machine following the manufacturer's specific sandwich instructions for embossing folders (please note, these instructions can vary from machine to machine). The embossing folder is universally compatible, seamlessly integrating with any die-cutting or embossing machine in the market that accommodates folders of its size.

Measuring at a convenient 4.38 inches in width and 6 inches in height, this embossing folder is perfectly tailored for embossing A2 panels, making it an ideal companion for your creative journey. Let your imagination take flight as you bring enchanting snowflake designs to life with the Honey Bee Snowflakes 3D Embossing Folder.

UPC: 689107945836