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Honey Bee Snowy Pines 3D Embossing Folder hbef-012


Elevate your crafting experience with the Honey Bee Snowy Pines 3D Embossing Folder!

Unlock a world of three-dimensional artistry in your creative projects with this remarkable embossing folder. It boasts a distinctive 3-dimensional molding process that sets it apart from the ordinary. Unlike traditional folders with a uniform depth, this one features a gentle sloping design that crafts exquisite highs and lows, infusing your work with captivating depth and texture that truly elevates your craft.

Using the Honey Bee Snowy Pines 3D Embossing Folder is a breeze. Simply guide it through your die-cutting machine, adhering to the embossing folder sandwich instructions provided by your machine's manufacturer (please note that these instructions can vary across different machines). Honey Bee's embossing folders are universally compatible, seamlessly integrating with any die-cutting or embossing machine in the market that accommodates folders of its size.

Measuring a convenient 4.38 inches in width and 6 inches in height, this embossing folder is tailor-made for embossing A2 panels, making it the perfect choice for enhancing your creative projects. Immerse yourself in the beauty of snowy pines as you bring your visions to life with the Honey Bee Snowy Pines 3D Embossing Folder.

UPC: 689107945782