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Ink Blot Shop Clear Stamp Set Count 31 Botanicals inbl155


Introducing the Ink Blot Shop Clear Stamp Set Count 31 Botanicals! This exquisite stamp set features a delightful collection of 16 individual stamps, elegantly arranged in a 4 x 8 inch design. With its versatile range of large botanical images, this set is perfect for creating stunning cards, as well as adding artistic flair to mixed media projects, planners, and bullet journals.

The name 'Count 31' holds a special significance, as each of the three main images in this set comprises 31 distinct elements that can be utilized for trackers in planners or bullet journals. The captivating flower cluster boasts 31 petals, thoughtfully spread across five different flowers. The enchanting envelope design showcases an array of 31 intricate wildflowers. Lastly, the charming mason jar image features 31 delicate leaves, adorning six separate stems. This clever choice of 31 elements pays homage to the months with 31 days, namely January, March, May, July, August, October, and December.

For those seeking size reference, the enchanting wildflowers nestled within the envelope measure approximately 3.375 x 2.75 inches, adding a captivating touch to any creative endeavor.

The Count 31 Botanicals stamp set encompasses a delightful array of images and sentiments to suit a variety of occasions. Among its captivating illustrations, you will find a whimsical doodled floral cluster, a charming depiction of wildflowers gracefully tucked inside an envelope, and a captivating arrangement of leaf botanicals housed within a mason jar.

Additionally, the set includes a set of heartfelt hearts and sentiments such as: 

  • miss you
  • thanks
  • just a note
  • love you
  • hello

The sentiments feature an elegant scripty handwriting font, adding a touch of sophistication to your projects.

Unlock your creativity and let the Count 31 Botanicals stamp set inspire your imagination. Whether you're a card maker, mixed media artist, or an avid planner or bullet journal enthusiast, this versatile set will become an indispensable tool in your artistic repertoire.