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Ink Blot Shop No Shelf Control Clear Stamps inbl166


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Introducing the No Shelf Control stamp set, measuring 6 x 8 inches and boasting an impressive collection of 40 individual stamps. You don't need a green thumb to appreciate these delightful designs! Whether you're an avid gardener, a bookworm, or an enthusiast of both books and plants, this stamp set deserves a special spot in your collection.

For size reference, the image featuring the double shelf bookcase adorned with an alarm clock and potted plant on top measures approximately 1.625 x 2.75 inches. Additionally, the image of the 3-tier plant stand showcasing potted plants measures approximately 1.438 x 2.5 inches.

The No Shelf Control stamp set encompasses a diverse array of images and sentiments, including shelves laden with books intermingled with plants, vacant shelves, surplus books, a charming potted cactus, garden flowers displayed in vases, succulents nestled in decorative pots, leafy plants snug in terra cotta containers, hanging flowers and plants, an unoccupied 2-tier plant stand, daisies housed in a jar, a double shelf bookcase complete with an alarm clock and potted plant atop it, a 3-tier plant stand adorned with potted greenery, and whimsical phrases like 'you're plant-astic,' 'how's it hanging?,' and 'hey, bud.' rendered in an elegant scripty handwriting font. Additionally, you'll find intricate details such as book spine accents, decorative vase motifs, a watering pitcher, and delicate water droplets among the set's offerings.