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Inkon3 ATELIER PAINT IT BLACK Fusion Ink Pad 04055*


Paint it Black is a very unique black ink with red undertones, used for a variety of techniques.

Atelier inks have been developed with water coloring in mind, to work seamlessly with Fadeout No Line Coloring Ink. They are more in line with a high end watercolor paint. They stamp beautifully, can be used to create beautifully blended backgrounds, and are Alcohol ink and marker friendly (when dry or heat set). A buttery consistency, with a very high (color) pigment content, better blend-ability and layering properties. Add water to Atelier for painting and color stays bright  even after it dries, plus some beautiful undertones will emerge in, giving more artistic dimension. It's a different way of using and thinking about ink. Artist grade quality. Water reactive, fusion ink, acid free and archival.


UPC: 099451040550