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Inkon3 Kitty Snow Day Clear Stamps

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The Inkon3 Kitty Snow Day Clear Stamps are a delightful addition to your winter collection. This 4x6-inch set features 11 photopolymer stamps with an adorable theme. The super cute stamp set showcases kittens in various snowy scenarios. Some kittens are shown making their own snowmen, while others are depicted making snowmen that look like cats. It's a heartwarming and playful scene that's perfect for your holiday and winter-themed projects. The set also includes charming sentiments that add a festive touch to your creations. The sentiments include "You're Snow Cute,” "Let it Snow,” "Sending Holiday Cheer,” "Somewhere Else,” and “Up to Snow Good.” Easily create endearing and whimsical holiday cards and crafts featuring these adorable kitty characters enjoying a snowy day.

UPC: 650311899529