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Julie Hickey Designs ALL ABOUT THE BOYS Clear Stamps DS-HE-1002*

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  • Julie Hickey Designs
  • $20.99

    Julie Hickey Designs Designer Series, Designed by Hazel Eaton All About The Boys Stamp Set

    Size: 6 x 8 inches

    9 fabulous designs comprising: 1 large circle stamp with star designs, text, wood effect, inky rings, splats and cross hatching with an inner ring containing Happy Birthday sentiment, 8 additional stamps: 3 stars - one with wood effect, one with text and one outline, text, inky rings, cross hatching and cluster of stars.

    Mix and match any of the male family member stamps with the descriptive stamps to create your own personalised sentiments, eg: To our brilliant wonderful Son.

    21 typewriter font stamps:
    18 male family members - Dad, Husband, Son, Grand, Step, Great, Brother, Uncle, Grandad, Grandpa, Nephew, Cousin, Boyfriend, Fiance, Daddy, Father, in-law, Partner

    3 stamps: To our, To my, and

    4 descriptive capital Typewriter font stamps: fabulous, brilliant, wonderful, awesome

    UPC: 719833574588