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Karen Burniston Fun Flowers Dies 1234


The Karen Burniston Fun Flowers Dies are an excellent addition to your paper crafting supplies. These wafer-thin metal crafting dies are designed to be compatible with most major die cutting machines, ensuring easy integration into your creative projects.

These innovative and cutting-edge dies offer tremendous value and will elevate your paper crafting to new levels of artistry. The set includes a flower die with two accompanying leaves, with the flower measuring 3 inches long, a bunch of flowers, two single flowers on stems and a butterfly. This size allows you to create eye-catching floral embellishments for your cards, scrapbook pages, and other paper crafts.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these dies deliver clean and precise cuts. You can confidently use them to cut through various materials, including paper, cardstock, and more. The high-quality construction ensures that these dies will last for many crafting sessions to come.

To use the Karen Burniston Fun Flowers Dies, simply place your chosen material on the die, position it properly, and run it through your die cutting machine. The result will be beautifully cut flower and leaf shapes that you can arrange and layer to create stunning floral arrangements.

Let your creativity bloom with the Karen Burniston Fun Flowers Dies. These versatile and high-quality dies will enable you to create exquisite paper flowers that add beauty and dimension to your projects. Whether you're crafting cards, scrapbooking, or working on other paper crafts, these dies are a must-have for any floral enthusiast.

UPC: 084282634481