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Karen Burniston Game Charms Dies 1235


The Karen Burniston Game Charms Dies are an exciting addition to your crafting arsenal. These wafer-thin metal crafting dies are designed to be compatible with most major die cutting machines, ensuring ease of use and versatility for your projects.

Packed with value, this innovative die set will elevate your paper crafting to new heights. With its cutting-edge designs, you can create charming embellishments inspired by various games. Whether you're a fan of chess, card games, pool, or poker, this set has something for everyone.

One of the standout pieces in this set is the Horse Chess piece, which stands at an impressive height of 1.8 inches. This intricately detailed die will add an elegant touch to any gaming-themed project. In addition, the set includes other game-related images such as cards, dice, a pool stick, an 8 ball, and poker chips. These elements will help you create captivating scenes and decorations that capture the excitement of game nights.

Crafted with precision, these high-quality metal dies ensure clean and crisp cuts in various types of materials. Whether you're working with cardstock, patterned paper, or other crafting materials, these dies will deliver precise and professional results.

To use the Karen Burniston Game Charms Dies, simply align the dies with your chosen materials, run them through your die cutting machine, and watch as the intricate designs come to life. These dies make it easy to add thematic elements to your cards, scrapbook layouts, party decorations, and other paper crafting projects.

Get ready to level up your crafting game with the Karen Burniston Game Charms Dies. Explore the endless possibilities of incorporating game-themed elements into your projects and let your creativity soar. With these innovative and versatile dies, your paper crafting will reach new heights of fun and excitement.

UPC: 084282634498