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Karin DecoGel Cosmic Collection DecoGel Pen Set 30c5


Please note that customers outside of the USA are asked to pay an additional $40 surcharge for shipping this item overseas and a $30 surcharge to ship to Canada.

Karin DecoGel pens are ideal for working on light and dark surfaces, fill, metal, and stone making them a perfect fit for hand-lettering, art, paper craft, and mixed media applications. Deco Gel 1.0 pens feature Pigment-rich, dense water-based ink and high-quality tips that create smooth, dynamic lines with varying thicknesses depending on the pressure and speed of drawing. They are bleed-resistant, water-resistant on paper and lightfast. The tight cap protects the ink for drying in the barrel or around the tip. The pens feature a sleek design with a transparent body revealing the ink color. The ergonomic rubber grip makes them comfortable to hold and use. The functional book-style storage keeps your Deco Gel pens in their recommended horizontal position. The convenient magnetic lock ensures everything stays in its place. This set includes all 50 colors (Star Sparks Set, Milky Way Set, Metallic set) plus 10 refills.
Colors include
Star Sparks—Silver, Grey, Black, Yellow, Gold, Orange, Brown, Y. Brown, Red, Rose, Pink, P. Violet, L. Violet, T. Blue, S. S. Blue, R. Blue, D. Blue, Green, Y. Green and Khaki.
Metallic—Silver, Grey, Gold, Y. Orange, D. Gold, Orange, Scarlet, Brown, Red, Rose, Pink, B. Rose, L. Violet, Violet, D. Violet, S. Blue, T. Blue, Blue, Green and D. Green
Milky Way—Violet, S. Blue, Green, Pink, Red, Orange, Y. Orange, Yellow, White and Black.
Refills—Metallic Green, Metallic Silver, Milky Way Green, Milky Way Pink, Milky Way White, Star Sparks Gold, Star Sparks Rose, Star Sparks, S.S.Blue, Star Sparks Silver and Metallic Gold.

UPC: 5904446029562