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Katkin Krafts Nature 7x7 Stencil kkst004


Katkin Krafts Nature 7x7 Stencil is a versatile and nature-themed stencil that will add a touch of beauty to your crafting projects. With its intricate design, this stencil is perfect for creating stunning backgrounds for cards, scrapbook pages, journals, and more. Measuring approximately 7 x 7 inches, this stencil provides ample space to work with and allows you to cover a significant area on your project. The design features a wavy square border filled with lush foliage, with leaves gracefully intertwining and creating an organic and dynamic pattern. This foliage design creates a visually appealing frame that adds depth and interest to your artwork. At the center of the stencil, you'll find a masked square, providing a blank canvas for you to unleash your creativity. This square can be used to highlight a focal point, incorporate other elements, or create a layered effect by combining different stencils or techniques.

UPC: 5055305982983