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Lavinia Stamps Gus Clear Stamp lav800

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Introducing the Lavinia Stamps Gus Clear Stamp!

This single stamp features a delightful illustration of one of the medium-sized owl characters, Gus. Gus is a charismatic owl, meticulously detailed, showcasing a rich variety of feather patterns, razor-sharp talons, large soulful eyes, and expressive feathered eyebrows.

Gus brings a sense of whimsy and charm to your creative projects, and he truly shines when adorned with the Topper Hat stamp. Whether he stands alone or becomes part of a larger scene, Gus adds a touch of personality and allure.

Stamp Dimensions: Approximately 9 cm x 11 cm

With this clear stamp, you have the power to bring Gus to life in your artwork, creating scenes that exude character and enchantment.

UPC: 658238092719