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Lavinia Stamps Key Small Clear Stamp lav806


Presenting the Lavinia Stamps Key Small Clear Stamp!

This exquisite silhouette stamp showcases an ornate key, available in two sizes, with this being the smaller version. The smaller key features intricate scrolling designs around the bow end, adding an elegant and charming touch to your creative projects.

This key stamp is versatile and can serve as the perfect perch for owls, woodland creatures, or any other characters you wish to include in your scenes. Moreover, it looks fabulous when embossed, making it an ideal choice for crafting a 21st birthday card or any other special occasion.

Stamp Dimensions: Approximately 2 cm x 6 cm

With this clear stamp, you have the power to infuse your artwork with a touch of sophistication and enchantment, creating scenes that captivate and inspire.

UPC: 658238092658