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Lavinia Stamps Steampunk Script Clear Stamps lav782


The Lavinia Stamps Steampunk Script Clear Stamps is a magical text stamp featuring Steampunk-themed words in various font styles, with occasional cogs incorporated into the design.

This stamp is an excellent choice for adding texture and an authentic vintage or Steampunk feel to your creative designs. It measures 7cm x 7.3cm, making it a substantial and versatile stamp for your artistic projects.

Sentiment reads: Time Travellers time machine top hat clockwork time is priceless tempus vernum steam power vintage fantasy gadgets and gears numbers steam power clocks dream power rustic steampunk full steam ahead science fantasy ideology futurism retro invention joy is timeless warcraft cyberculture grungy onwards and upwards rivets nautical alternative cyberpunk Victorian era tempus fugit cogs and wheels.

UPC: 658238092030