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Lavinia Stamps Vine Clear Stamps lav804


Introducing the Lavinia Stamps Vine Clear Stamps!

This set comprises four silhouette flower and foliage stamps, each designed to enhance your creative projects. The set includes two unique flowers and two smaller leaves, each with its own distinctive shape.

These stamps are perfect for embellishing a foliage border, adding delicate accents to your artwork, or serving as supplementary elements for the Headdress stamp.

Each stamp varies in width, ranging between approximately 1 cm and 1.5 cm, and in height, spanning from 1 cm to 3 cm. Their versatility allows you to seamlessly integrate them into a wide range of creative projects, enriching your scenes with the beauty of nature.

With these clear stamps, you can effortlessly infuse your artwork with the grace and elegance of vine-inspired motifs, adding depth and charm to your creative endeavors.

UPC: 658238092740