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Lavinia Stamps Wise Owl Clear Stamps lav817


Introducing the Lavinia Stamps Wise Owl Clear Stamp!

This insightful text stamp, presented in an old typewriter-style font, is a true gem. The text is carefully composed, with the most important word, "Owls," taking center stage. It's beautifully crafted in an Old English font that adds an air of timeless wisdom and mystique.

This stamp serves as a compelling focal point in your creative projects or works seamlessly as a captivating background stamp. It delves into the spiritual nature and symbolism of the owl, offering a profound and meaningful touch to your artwork.

Stamp Size (Approx): 10.5 cm x 4.5 cm

With this clear stamp, you have the power to infuse your artwork with the wisdom and mysticism associated with owls, adding depth and significance to your creative endeavors.

Sentiment reads: Owls are one of the most powerful spirit guides. These magnificent creatures share a deep inner wisdom. They enhance knowelge, inside and guidance. Owls teach us silence, self reflection, honesty and acceptance. These feathered friends grant clear vision in dark times. An owls purpose is to navigate us through life, giving us self belief and deeper understanding of ourselbes. If you hear an Owl on a full moon, consider this a gift. Connect with their presence, their charm and their beauty, that you my feel truly blessed.

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