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Lavinia Stamps Woodland Set Clear Stamps lav805


Introducing the Lavinia Stamps Woodland Set Clear Stamps!

This set comprises four silhouette foliage stamps, each contributing to the enchanting world of woodland scenes. The set includes a collection of twigs, a delicate small feather, and a gracefully flowing piece of foliage.

These stamps are perfect for enhancing the Headdress stamp, creating a lush and captivating forest ambiance, or adding to a foliage-rich undergrowth in your artistic creations.

Each stamp ranges in width between approximately 1.5 cm and 2 cm, and in height between 2 cm and 3.5 cm. Their versatility allows you to seamlessly incorporate them into various projects, enriching your scenes with the beauty of the woodland.

With these clear stamps, you can effortlessly infuse your artwork with the magic and serenity of the forest, creating captivating and immersive landscapes.

UPC: 658238092672