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Lesia Zgharda Fox with Coffee Clear Stamp fa178


The Lesia Zgharda Fox with Coffee Clear Stamp is the perfect addition to your crafting collection! This charming stamp features an adorable fox holding a steaming cup of coffee.

This versatile stamp is ideal for a wide range of paper crafting projects, including scrapbooking, card making, journaling, and more. Use it to create beautiful backgrounds, add focal points to your designs, or simply to add a touch of whimsy to your projects.

This stamp is made by Lesia Zgharda, a renowned Ukrainian stamp designer and manufacturer known for their high-quality, unique and whimsical designs. Add the Lesia Zgharda Hare with Lemonade Clear Stamp to your collection today and start creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind projects that are sure to delight and inspire!

Stamp size:
Width 2.52 inches
Height 3.03 inches

UPC: FA178