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Lesia Zgharda Pumpkin House Clear Stamp fl367


Presenting the Lesia Zgharda Pumpkin House Clear Stamp fl367! This delightful stamp set features a large pumpkin magically transformed into a charming cottage, embellished with intricate details. Accompanying the enchanting cottage are a set of magical mushrooms, each adorned with its own unique design.

Crafters and cardmakers are invited to let their imagination run wild as they create enchanting scenes using this versatile stamp set. Whether the purpose is to craft a fairy tale-inspired card or add a whimsical touch to their projects, the Enchanted Pumpkin Cottage and Mushroom Set promises to infuse a touch of magic into their cardmaking endeavors.

With this captivating stamp set, a creative journey filled with wonder and imagination awaits, bringing to life the magical world of the Pumpkin House and Mushrooms Set. Embrace the enchantment and unleash creativity as you embark on this captivating cardmaking adventure!

Stamp size: 3.9 x 5.85 inches

UPC: FL367