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Lesia Zgharda Raccoon Chef Clear Stamp k041


Presenting the adorable Lesia Zgharda Raccoon Chef Clear Stamp! This delightful design showcases a charming raccoon wearing a chef's hat, passionately cooking up something delicious. Crafters and cardmakers alike will find this stamp to be the perfect addition to their projects, infusing a dash of culinary cuteness into their creations.

Crafted with high-quality materials, the Raccoon Chef stamp ensures crisp and detailed impressions with each use. Let creativity take the spotlight as individuals breathe life into this talented raccoon chef on their handmade cards and projects.

With the Raccoon Chef stamp as a companion, crafting endeavors are bound to be filled with joy and whimsy. Happy crafting awaits those who welcome this lovable culinary character into their creative world!

Stamp size: 2.54 x 2.77 inches

UPC: K041