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Lesia Zgharda Snail House Clear Stamp fa188


Introducing Lesia Zgharda Snail House Clear Stamp! This captivating design showcases a lovable snail carrying a cozy little house on its back. With its intricate details and interesting design, this stamp becomes the ideal choice for adding a touch of wonder to various cardmaking projects.

The rest of the paragraph continues: Crafters can create delightful scenes and breathe life into their cards with this unique and versatile stamp. Whether the purpose is to craft a nature-themed card or infuse charming elements into their designs, the Snail House stamp promises to make a whimsical statement. As creativity takes the stage, this delightful stamp opens up a cardmaking adventure full of possibilities, bringing smiles to both the creator and recipient alike.

Stamp size: 2.77 x 1.99

UPC: FA188