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Lesia Zgharda Snail's Dream House Clear Stamp fa189


Presenting the Lesia Zgharda Snail's Dream House Clear Stamp! This endearing design showcases a whimsical snail with a unique house on its back. Crafters are invited to let their creativity flourish as they envision charming scenes with this delightful snail and its cozy abode.

With intricate details and a whimsical design, the Snail's Dream House stamp infuses a touch of magic into cardmaking projects. Whether one is crafting a garden-themed card or a whimsical storybook scene, this stamp is certain to bring joy and enchantment to their crafts.

As this charming snail takes center stage, it serves as a boundless source of inspiration, inspiring the imagination to breathe life into each creation. Embrace the enchantment of the Snail's Dream House stamp and witness your crafts come alive with a touch of whimsy!

Stamp size: 2.77 x 2.03

UPC: FA189