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Lindy's Stamp Gang Northern Lights Shimmer Magicals mag23

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  • Lindy's Stamp Gang
  • $19.45

    Designed for use on everything from paper to wood, the dye-based powders are non-toxic and acid-free. Sprinkle them directly onto a porous surface and spray it with water for a vibrant stain, or mix them into different mediums to create potent pastes.

    0.25oz jar
    Non-toxic, acid-free powdered dyes
    Contains pearlized mica powders, powdered dye based pigments & a fixative
    Made in the USA

    Northern Lights set includes the following colors:

    Maple Syrup Bronze- deep bronze-y gold with a glorious bronze shimmer
    Canadian Bacon Blush- taupe-pink rose gold color with a glorious gold shimmer
    Emerald Eh?!- vibrant lime green with a glorious gold shimmer
    Polite People Purple- deep rich eggplant-y purple with a subtle golden shimmer
    Hockey Puck Black- a deep rich black that has a hint of green, topped with a beautiful gold shimmer

    UPC: 818495018246