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Lindy's Stamp Gang Pinkies Up Pink Magical Shaker 2.0 lsgpp


Introducing Lindy's Stamp Gang Pinkies Up Pink Magical Shaker 2.0. The brand-new Magical Shaker 2.0 comes with a convenient closable shaker/sifter insert, allowing you to shake, sprinkle, sift, pepper, dapple, mix with art mediums, or paint to your heart's content!

These versatile dye-based powders work wonders on everything from paper to wood. They are non-toxic and acid-free, making them safe for your creative projects. Simply sprinkle them onto a porous surface and add a spray of water for a vibrant stain. You can also customize your art by mixing them with various mediums like resin and polymer clay. Use a little for a subtle touch of color or go bold with a generous application for a deep, vibrant tint.

Key Features:

10g jar with a convenient shaker insert
Non-toxic and acid-free powdered dyes
Contains pearlized mica powders, powdered dye-based pigments, and a fixative
Proudly made in the USA

UPC: 818495018277