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MISTI Precision Glue Press mistipgp

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Brought to you by My Sweet Petunia, who created the MISTI (This Most Incredible Stamp Tool Invented), the Glue Press provides effortless, consistent, and precise adhesive application for extended crafting. This ergonomic pressure tool for applying glue is perfect for anyone who has a hard time squeezing glue bottles, and an absolute dream for gluing intricate die cuts. With two precision tips for whatever kind of glue you like, you control the flow of the glue for total precision. You never have to cap your glue again! The stand for the press has a silicone pillow that the nozzle rests on - it will never clog and is always ready to go. The Precision Glue Press features a comfortable molded handle and trigger, a convenient stand, a choice of regular or Nuvo Deluxe Precision Nozzles, and even a full bottle of 60ml/2 fl. oz Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive. Additionally, an empty bottle is provided should you wish to fill it with your own, alternative adhesive.  

UPC: 853949007254