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Newton's Nook Designs Confetti Hot Foil Plate NN2307HF2


The Confetti Hot Foil Plate from Newton's Nook Designs is a fantastic tool to add shimmer and shine to your craft projects. This hot foil plate features a design filled with confetti, allowing you to create a border of shiny confetti on your celebratory projects. For added creativity, try foiling the plate multiple times to achieve captivating background patterns.

The Confetti Hot Foil Plate perfectly complements the sentiments from the Birthday Greetings Hot Foil plates, making them an ideal pairing for your celebratory creations.

Compatible with standard hot foil systems and die-cutting machines, the hot foil plate provides versatility in your crafting endeavors. It can also be used without foil to create beautiful letterpress impressions, adding texture and depth to your projects.

This set includes 1 hot foil plate, allowing you to explore a multitude of design possibilities. The Confetti Border design measures approximately 5.625 inches in width and 2 inches in height, providing ample space to embellish your projects with a touch of confetti-filled elegance.

UPC: 647213628586