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Paper Artsy Alison Bomber Cornflower Edition Cling Stamps eab34


The Paper Artsy Alison Bomber Cornflower Edition Cling Stamps is a 6x8 stamp set designed by Alison Bomber, an Eclectica3 Designer. This set features 5 stamps that are individually cut out on EZ mount, making them easy to use. To apply the stamps, you can simply peel them off the index sheet and position them on an acrylic block for immediate use. The stamps in the set include two groupings of Cornflowers and a stamp that features the words gather, collect, study, and cultivate. There's a stamp of a ledger with writing, an advertisement for "Entlassungs-Zeugnis," a circle seal stamp and the Petit Journal Logo. The set includes the quote, "Many eyes go through the meadow, but few see the flowers in it" by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Additionally, the set contains an excerpt from Culpeper's Herbal book about Corn-flower. “The powder or dried leaves of the corn-flower is given with good success to those that are bruised by a fall, it is a remedy against the poison of the scorpion and resisteth all venoms and poisons.”

UPC: 5060701058866