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Paper Artsy Alison Bomber Currants Edition Cling Stamps eab35


The Paper Artsy Alison Bomber Currants Edition Cling Stamps is a 6x8 stamp set designed by Alison Bomber, who is an Eclectica3 Designer. The set includes 8 stamps, each individually cut out on EZ mount for easy use. To use the stamps, you can simply peel them off the index sheet and position them on an acrylic block for immediate use. The stamps in the set feature two groupings of twigs with berries and leaves. Additionally, the set includes the words "Botanical Collector Naturalist Scientist.” You'll also find a small flourish and a corner flourish, along with a scribble and a graph of numbers. Furthermore, the set contains two text elements. The first is an inspirational quote by Anton Chekhov: "Let us learn to appreciate there will be times when the trees will be bare, and look forward to the time when we may pick the fruit." The second text element is an excerpt from Culpeper's Herbal book about Red, White, and Black Currants—“The red and white currants are good to cool and refresh during faintings of the stomach, to quench thirst and stir up an appetite. The black currants and the leaves are used in sauces by those who like the taste and scent of them, which I believe very few do of either.”

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