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Paper Artsy Fern Mattint Fresco Tint mt03

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  • Paper Artsy
  • $6.99

    Mattints (Matte-Tints) are a type of matte-effect tinted glaze. This product consists of a water-based, environmentally friendly acrylic paint and comes in a 50ml bottle. Mattints serves as a transparent sealer, providing a matte, flat finish and creating a textured surface that readily accepts pens, pencils, paints, and more.
    You can use Mattints in various ways:
        •    Use it as an adhesive or for coloring printed tissue papers.
        •    Apply it over tissue paper with a Matte Glaze and then tint as desired.
        •    Utilize it on its own or as a sealer over Fresco Chalks.
        •    Mix it with acrylic chalks to enhance paint transparency.
        •    Blend it with infusions to deepen the color.
        •    Layer it with other Mattints for transparent matte-tinted effects.
    Cleaning up is a breeze with warm water, and the product is known for being low or even free of VOCs, making it eco-friendly. The color Fern is a lush green shade, particularly suitable for botanical elements. Please be aware that colors may vary significantly from screen to screen, so consider them as approximations.

    UPC: 5060701059665