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Paper Artsy JOFY 127 Cling Stamps jofy127

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Cling Stamps from Paper Artsy, designed by Jo Firth-Young. She is well known for her fabulous hand-drawn designs with beautiful floral elements. Deeply etched red rubber, each stamp individually trimmed and foam mounted. Includes 8 cling stamps on a 6 x 6-inch sheet. This set includes a tall stem with a beautiful floral on top, reminiscent of a thistle. The intricate details and graceful lines of this stamp will add elegance to your projects. Additionally, there is a tall stem stamp with rounded and square leaves, which can be interpreted as a branch or a tree, offering versatility in your designs. To complement these main images, the set includes extra rounded and square leaves stamps, allowing you to create lush foliage or add accents to your floral arrangements. A small collage of leaves stamp adds a whimsical touch and can be used to create backgrounds or layered effects. It also features versatile elements such as grids, a text circle, and a tag stamp. These elements can be used to add texture, borders, or focal points to your artwork. Additionally, two mini tags are included—one adorned with hearts and the other with a line pattern—providing opportunities for adding sentiments or creating unique embellishments. To enhance your creative expressions, this set includes the words "Timeless" and "Beauty is Everywhere." These sentiments can be used to convey meaningful messages, add titles, or express your artistic vision.

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