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Paper Artsy Just Walnut Infusions Colored Stain cs25

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  • Paper Artsy
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    Paper Artsy offers Just Walnut Infusions Colored Stain, a unique product that features walnut crystals that dissolve in water, allowing you to create a sepia stain effect. You can use this versatile product in many different ways including mixing the walnut crystals with water to create a sepia stain, adding depth to your artwork or for a more textured approach, sprinkle the crystals directly onto your surface and then spritz with water. This method allows you to achieve captivating granular effects with ease. These walnut crystals are versatile and can be used with most glazes. The color particles come in various sizes, allowing for the easy creation of captivating granular effects. This makes them perfect for adding vintage-style effects to your art projects. Each container contains 30 ml of product. For a convenient dispensing option, you can pierce a small hole in the top of the aluminum cap, turning it into a salt shaker-style dispenser. Just remember to remove the disc inside the cap before doing so!

    UPC: 5060701059627