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Paper Artsy Kay Carley Large Stencil ps402


The Paper Artsy Kay Carley Large Stencil is a versatile and high-quality stencil designed by Kay Carley, an Eclectica3 Designer. This stencil is designed to be used with various art mediums, including paint, Grunge Paste, paint sprays, crayons, pastels, pens, chalks, and more. It is suitable for application on a variety of surfaces such as papers, canvas, chipboard, and more. The stencil features intricate and nature-inspired designs, including birch tree trunks, a branch of leaves, and several mushrooms. With its approximate size of 6.5 x 9.5 inches, the stencil provides ample space for creating large and intricate designs. Designed to complement the stamps ekc70, ekc71, and ekc72, the stencil and stamps together offer a coordinated and cohesive look to your paper crafting and art projects. This makes it easier to create harmonious and well-designed compositions in your creations.

UPC: 5060701059030