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Paper Artsy Lynne Perrella 64 Cling Stamps lpc064


The Paper Artsy Lynne Perrella 64 Cling Stamps, designed by Lynne Perrella, epitomize her iconic design style. Deeply etched red rubber, each stamp individually trimmed and foam mounted. This collection comprises 6 cling stamps on a 6 x 8-inch sheet. Within this collection, you'll find captivating designs, including a Victorian English woman adorned with collages of purses, keys, watches, and a London building within her dress. There are also two busts of vintage women, one wearing a hat and a necklace adorned with numerous charms, and the other donning a hat with the phrase "USPS Paid" and a bill across her chest. Additionally, the set includes a rectangular postage stamp, the word "Art," and the thought-provoking phrase, "all art is, I suppose, a kind of exploring."

UPC: 5060701059160