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Paper Rose Are We There Yet 12x12 Paper 30630


The Paper Rose Are We There Yet 12x12 Paper is a delightful craft paper pack that offers 12 sheets in total, featuring 2 sheets each of 12 unique designs. Each sheet is approximately 12 x 12 inches in size and boasts a sturdy weight of 200gsm, making it perfect for various paper crafting projects. The double-sided feature allows you to explore even more design options with a single sheet. The pack's designs are centered around a travel and adventure theme, capturing the excitement of journeys and exploration. You'll find a vibrant array of patterns that include colorful stripes, geo tags, airplanes, globes, suitcases, herringbone, plaid, and little notecards to fill in. These designs evoke a sense of wanderlust and are perfect for documenting travel memories, creating vacation-themed scrapbook pages, crafting cards for adventure enthusiasts, and adding a touch of wander to any paper project.

UPC: 749565524667