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Paper Rose Best Friends 6x6 Paper 30408


The Paper Rose Best Friends 6x6 Paper is a delightful collection of double-sided patterned papers designed for cardstock crafting. It includes 18 sheets in total, with 3 sheets each of 12 unique designs. The sheets are approximately 6 x 6 inches in size and have a sturdy weight of 200gsm. The paper collection features bright and cheery colors, perfect for creating vibrant and joyful projects. The patterns include a variety of motifs such as reds and oranges, chevron patterns, wood grain, bees, rainbows, bouquets, girls surrounded by hearts, speech bubbles, and friends. These elements provide a versatile range of options for different occasions and themes. Additionally, the collection includes boxes with various images and phrases to enhance your creations. Some of the phrases featured on the boxes include "Best Friends Forever," "You will always be my friend," "Happy Birthday," "Love," "Happy Cake Day," and more. These elements add a personal touch and allow you to customize your projects with heartfelt messages.

UPC: 749565523929