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Paper Rose Christmas Time Basics 12x12 Paper 31094


The Paper Rose Christmas Time Basics 12x12 Paper pack offers a range of possibilities for your crafting needs. It contains a total of 12 double-sided sheets, each measuring approximately 12 x 12 inches with a sturdy weight of 200gsm. The pack includes 2 sheets of each of the 12 unique designs. These designs encompass a variety of patterns and textures, ensuring your projects have plenty of character. Among the designs, you'll find classic red and white stripes, green and white stripes, charming red gingham, festive green gingham, a captivating collage of sheet music, dynamic diagonal stripes in an array of colors, traditional red and green plaid, a whimsical street map, intriguing newspaper articles, wood chevron for a rustic touch, and distressed brick walls with peeling paint for a vintage aesthetic. These papers offer endless creative possibilities for your holiday-themed crafts and beyond.

UPC: 749565526364