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Paper Rose Enchanting Christmas 12 x 12 Paper 30939


The Paper Rose Enchanting Christmas 12x12 Paper offers a delightful collection of 12 sheets of double-sided patterned paper. With two sheets of each of the 12 unique designs, this pack provides ample creative possibilities. The paper itself measures approximately 12 x 12 inches and boasts a sturdy weight of 200gsm. Within this collection, you'll find a range of enchanting holiday designs, including strings of baubles, delicate flowers, and intricate snowflakes. There are also Santa Gnomes, jolly Santa Claus figures, piles of festive gifts, excerpts from "Twas The Night Before Christmas," charming Christmas trees, adorable snowmen, vintage lanterns, and various other holiday-themed imagery. Additionally, there's a page featuring vintage-looking elements and rows of tickets with phrases like "Merry Christmas," "Holly Jolly," "Happy," "Sparkle," "Twinkle," "Happy Holidays," and more. You'll also discover a page of different icons paired with corresponding words underneath for cutting out together or individually. These include Santa and "Merry Christmas," a snowman and "Christmas Hugs," a beautifully decorated tree with "Season’s Greetings," a Victorian house with "Happy Holidays," and more. All of these charming designs are presented in lovely shades of light purples, adding a touch of holiday magic to your crafting projects.

UPC: 749565525848